September 13

Writing Prompts

Here are some Prompts Some great stories will come out of  these prompts click here to see were I got most of my prompts from

  1. On the other side of that door
  2. Late again
  3. What I’ve always wanted
  4. A sound I’d never heard before
  5. Everyone else was laughing.
  6. What if . . .
  7. The last time I saw him
  8. At that moment I should have left.
  9. Just a brief encounter
  10. I knew how it felt to be an outsider.
  11. Hidden away in the back of a drawer
  12. What I should have said
  13. Waking up in a strange room
  14. There were signs of trouble.
  15. Keeping a secret
  16. All I have left is this photo.
  17. It wasn’t really stealing.
  18. A place I pass by every day
  19. Nobody can explain what happened next.
  20. Staring at my reflection
  21. I should have lied.
  22. Then the lights went out.
  23. Some might say it’s a weakness.
  24. Not again!
  25. Where I’d go to hide out from everyone
  26. But that’s not my real name.
  27. Her side of the story
  28. Nobody believed us.
  29. It was time to change schools again.
  30. We climbed to the top.
  31. The one thing I’ll never forget
  32. Follow these rules and we’ll get along fine.
  33. It may not be worth anything.
  34. Never again
  35. On the other side of the street
  36. When nobody was looking
  37. If I could do it over again
  38. It wasn’t my idea.
  39. Everyone was staring at me.
  40. It was a stupid thing to say.
  41. Hiding under my bed
  42. If I tell you the truth
  43. My secret collection
  44. Footsteps in the dark
  45. Trouble, big trouble
  46. Laughing uncontrollably
  47. It was just a game to them.
  48. an embarrassing experience
  49. The first day
  50. The last day
  51. The small disastrous
  52. an encounter that changed your life
  53. Sometimes devices can be more trouble than they’re worth
  54. a frightening experience
  55. a memorable journey
  56. an encounter with someone you were in awe of
  57. Rejected
  58. your first visit to the countryside (or to a large city)
  59. A new friend
  60. Friends no more
  61. people should be careful of what they wish for
  62. a silly misunderstanding
  63. appearances can be deceiving
  64. a difficult decision
  65. an event that marked a turning point
  66. an act of heroism
  67. an act of cowardice
  68. breaking the rules
  69. taking a stand
  70. a strange visitor
  71. an amazing trip
  72. away from home
  73. a day when everything went right (or wrong)
  74. an experience that made you laugh until you cried
  75. the day you decided to change your life
  76. the experience of being lost
  77. an unexpected encounter
  78. surviving a natural disaster
  79. an experience that taught you a lesson
  80. an important discovery
  81. an experience that helped you
  82. I can’t believe I did that

Have fun writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!