June 14

Book reviews

The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket’sImage result for the austere academy

Preview of pervious books:

In the series the Baudelaire’s have got the horrible news that their parents perished in a fire so they only have their fortune but they can’t use it till they are old enough so sent to live with their horrible relative Count Olaf and Olaf is trying to get his hands on there fortune and everywhere they go he follows creating mischief.

Lemony Snicket has done it again in this book Violet, Klaus and Sunny are sent to boarding school where there motto is you will die but that’s not the least of their concerns as they have a new gym teacher Coach Genghis who looks quite a lot like Count Olaf but luckily they have their friends Isadora and Duncan who are triplets [you will see why they are triplets in the book.]

I absolutely loved this book as it always had an unexpected turn of events also in this book the descriptions are amazing there are so many descriptive words I would recommend this book to anyone even adults as it just shows that how unfortunate someone’s life can be.

I score this book a….

Image result for 5 stars

Wildwood Charter Profile coming soon, look out for posts on my blog

June 6

The Austere Academy-Character profile

Name: Violet

Personality: Violet is a really intelligent girl who loves to invent lots of things she is also the oldest of 3 kids [Klaus and Sunny]

Why I like her: I like her as she is a really positive girl also she is a great role model for her younger siblings and she loves inventing which makes her a creative girl.

Little sneak peak at the storyline: Violet, Klaus and Sunny have to live another chapter of misery but this time there at Prufrock Prep this might sound fine but the motto of this school is ”you will die” and to top it off Count Olaf will be back. Will they keep their fortune?. Full review coming soon.

June 6


Key bold=prompt 

I was so grounded the water just kept on gushing out of the hole I had made from playing cricket

”Tim come inside I made ice cream,” Mum yelled

”Mum I am busy!” I said without a doubt that I am grounded.

”I will bring it to you,” Mum said and I could hear her coming I had to think of something fast I ran for some pebbles I quickly covered up the my horrible mistake. Mum came and she stood in front of the hole with no idea that there is water in there. 5 seconds later the my mum hit the pebble and the water gushed out, it soaked my mum. I was doomed.


May 30


My goal was to write a short but suspenseful 100WC

KEY: bold means prompt

‘What’s that?’ I yelled pointing at a weird shape of lighting,

‘I don’t know!’ Olive replied,

In a flash of lighting I saw the most disgusting  thing I had seen in my life it was slimy and icky and the worst thing was it was trudging towards me very slowly it was really hard to be peppered right now but all of a sudden it veered away  from me and to Olive I felt so sorry for her I ran to find a saucepan once I found one I ran back and whacked it on the slimy and icky monster BANG!

May 30

The Spook’s Apprentice Chracter Profile

Name: Alice

Personality: Alice is a relative to Mother Malkin [the villain] Tom can’t tell if she is evil or good as she helped him but she does have pointy shoes and that means she is evil or is she?

Why I like her: I like her as she is mysterious and you never know what she is going to do and while reading  you get a ton of questions like; is she a witch?

Little sneak peak at the story line: Tom is the 7th child of 7 kids and that means he has lots of talents which gives him advantage as a spook’s apprentice as a spook’s apprentice he is supposed to kill witches and burry them so they can’t escape but can he kill them or will he die? and will he survive as a spook’s apprentice?. Full review coming soon.


May 28

Usborne: First Illustrated Science Dictionary

Usborne: First Illustrated Science Dictionary by Sarah Khan

This book is about Science and in this book it is dived into 6 parts:

Living Things



Light, Sound and Electricity


Scientific Investigations

My favourite part  in this book was the part on Meteoroids, Comets and Asteroids which is in the Space section liked it because it had lots of facts that I didn’t really know; like between Mars and Jupiter there are Asteroids it is called the Asteroids Belt and that Asteroids are big lumps of rock or metal that travel through space and Asteroids are too big to be Meteoroids  but to small to be a Planet.

This book is a book I would recommend to year 3 and 4’s also some very confident year 2’s for an introduction to Science.

May 26

#Animal Adaptations Prediction

For our Topic assignment me and Chiara are doing the old man saltbush and I predict:

The Old Man Saltbush adaptations are the ability to protect itself from predators with it’s spikes it also is really tall so it’s not many animals can jump that high one more adaptation is the salt because I think animals don’t like salt.

May 24

The Spooks Apprentice

The Spooks Apprentice by Joseph Delaney pages 30-75

This book reminds me of Harry Potter as there are witches and magic in it also has stuff about the ”chosen 1.” It also reminds me of Deltora Quest as there is someone set off to do something they where made for.

The part I read today was about Tom going to this mysterious place in a village which sounds like there is magic there.

This book is really interesting to find out more about this book keep an eye out on my blog.