November 17


“Jay I know your are aggressive but you have to hide it emotions” The Teacher told me

but where would we hide it all?” I asked the teacher

“Ummm read this” The teacher said handing me a card with a poem on it, it read

“Sometimes our emotions will get the best of us

Look for a way to clam down like chess

Just remember to strong

But try not to be wrong”

“OK then I will try it” I said lifting my head up ready to tackle this challenge

“Oh goodie, I did my job right!” The teacher exclaimed


November 10


I walked around the isolated city I closed my eyes imagining how busy this abandoned city would of looked before the volcanic eruption no ash nothing just people abruptly my mind started to flicker a saw images of ghost. I opened my eyes to see I was floating but no one was holding me I swayed my legs hoping to fall to the ground, it worked I stumbled onto the ground and scampered away “Help!!!” I shrieked I ran and ran I took a moment to take a breath all of a sudden I was in the air higher then I was before. I was slipping. I fell.



October 17


Link: Volcano 

Summary: Red

Facts: Blue

Questions: Green

Insights: Orange 

This BTN was about how a sleeping volcano can still be dangerous 

  • Mt Sinabung was a sleeping volcano but it still erupted
  • The smell of the ashes smelt like rotten eggs
  • When a volcano doesn’t erupt it is called dormant
  • There is a volcano in Naples called Mt Vesuvius and it is really dangerous
  • It exploded in 79AD
  • When it erupted in 79AD the ash from the volcano hardened around the buildings (making a cocoon) which preserved them for along time and with people the ash harden around the people when they were about to die
  • If you want to find out when volcanoes are likely to erupt you can look at the patterns of when a volcano has erupted and then see the time patterns
  • The biggest explosion by Mt Vesuvius was 2000 years ago!

How many sleeping volcanoes are there?

What volcano is the oldest?

All volcanoes are dangerous 


This photo I edited shows how volcano erupt🌋🌋🌋

October 14

Goals Term 4

Work and study             

This term I would like to work on

1.Understanding what Algebra is and how to use it

2.To get better at spelling

3.To expand my vocabulary

List examples of things I could do that show I am trying to meet my goals

For goals number one I think I could achieve this by taking good notes in class, always paying attention and practicing in my spare time. For goal number 2 I could achieve this by using more then 1 spelling because I always use does it look right?. For goal 3 I think I could achieve by this by noticing words that I don’t know (while I read) then writing them down and finding out there definition after I finish reading.

Fun and Friendship

For Fun and Friendship I would like to work on

1.Join in more games

2.Play with other people

List examples of things I could do that show I am trying to meet my goals

For goal number 1 (of Fun and Friendship) I think I could achieve this by being more friendly and not just playing Uno or netball at lunch and recess. For goal 2 I think I could achieve this by doing goal one (in fun and friendship) as if I join in new games I will play with more people and I will play with more people

What I want to learn\get better at next year

1. Learn what ratios are and how to use them


September 20


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A dangerous experience


I looked around I was so high up the bright blue sky and the little white fluffy clouds almost looked like Marshmallows it made me so hungry. My foot slipped. I looked down. I didn’t realise how high I was

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed I was hanging of the edge of a cliff by my hand I was so scared I looked down and saw little trees and lots of people if I could go down their I would and tell the Don’t climb up here. I slipped again. I was hanging by my little pinkie finger I felt like screaming my head off I didn’t know what to do. My pinkie slipped.

September 13


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A traffic accident


I sat on the side of the road I never wanted to see another car in my life, I didn’t even want to drive one. I lost my dad because of a stupid uber driver who apparently was only 5 .I miss my dad just to see him again will be just..just amazing, I don’t even have a mum I guess I will have to live with my step mum it looks like her wart has a wart, she has yucky yellow teeth and her breath stinks of dead rats!


August 3

Principal Day!😎

Our Principals are Rebecca and Matt

They are the best

They beat all the rest

They run Moonee Ponds Primary School

Trust me they ain’t no fools

Now lets shout “YAY!!!!”

For our Principals special day


For Matt’s and Rebecca’s special day



July 7


Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying your holidays I will just be posting 100WC on my blog in the holidays  also if you have any advice just comment on my blog.

Happy holidays everyone!!!!!

July 1

Old Man Saltbush Project Reflection

In term 2 we were learning about desert environments to see how much we learnt we were told we had to do a project about an animal/plant that lives in the Australian desert. In this project we had to include a model and much more. For this project I was working with Chiara and we got a plant it was the Old Man Saltbush when we were doing ours we got really creative and started using a new app for the model it was a little challenging but we enjoyed it.

Here are some things that I learnt from the project:

Some cool facts that I learnt:    

  • The old man saltbush has male and female plants the females are the ones that reproduce.
  • The old man saltbush leaves can live for a long time.
  • The old man saltbush is 1 of 250-300 species of saltbush

What I understood

  • The Old man salt bush is a very special plant but one of the reasons why it’s still alive is how it keeps its water the way it keeps its water is because of the salt in the leaves as the salt makes the leaves shrink and that means less surface area so it will less will be in the sun so it keeps more water
  • The Old man salt-bush is a very special plant as it is both male and female It has this so only 1 type of flower reproduce

1 Question

  • Does the old man salt bushes leaves show what their gender is when their young?

What was the most important thing I learnt:

  • The most important skill I learnt was not to over think things lucky Chiara always stopped me from worrying or over thinking to much.

How did I learn it: 

  • I learnt this by having someone to stop me from over thinking after awhile I didn’t need someone to stop me from over thinking.

 How will this help

  • Not over thinking will stop me from panicking to much and not worrying to much it will also help me in ToM as I will be able to clear mind and focus on whats happening now and not in the future


June 27


Prompt: bold

I was looking up at the sky the beautiful sun shinning and the clear sky but then the weather changed dramatically it turned into a dark grey color the next thing I know there is a tornado chasing me 5 seconds later I hear a song playing it was a weird song like ”nah na nah nana nah” I fell the ground rumbling ” Ahhhh it’s an earthquake!!” I yelled I ran and ran then it started raining hail I couldn’t see a house anywhere I just ran and ran this was like a nightmare I suddenly woke up it was a nightmare.