November 14


Poem Parade



Intro poem

Animal poem

Food peom



Welcome to these poems

Take a good glance

Try not to prance

Welcome to these poems



This is a school for cats

Fat cats

The ones who eat mats

This is a school for cats



I am in a mood

To have some food

So I chewed and chewed

My food









November 12

Poem…School day!!

I looked at the teacher

Hoping to die

Because I forgot to do my poem

On the word pie

I thought all my options of I could tell the teacher

Maybe I could lie

Or even better die

Maybe to die is to much

As I have a yummy lunch

I could go to sick bay

and have a big lay

“Wake up Luke” the teacher yelled

but instead I puked

On the teacher

The teacher looked

like a disgusting creature

“Your expelled”the teacher yelled

Yes! I thought