October 14

Goals Term 4

Work and study             

This term I would like to work on

1.Understanding what Algebra is and how to use it

2.To get better at spelling

3.To expand my vocabulary

List examples of things I could do that show I am trying to meet my goals

For goals number one I think I could achieve this by taking good notes in class, always paying attention and practicing in my spare time. For goal number 2 I could achieve this by using more then 1 spelling because I always use does it look right?. For goal 3 I think I could achieve by this by noticing words that I don’t know (while I read) then writing them down and finding out there definition after I finish reading.

Fun and Friendship

For Fun and Friendship I would like to work on

1.Join in more games

2.Play with other people

List examples of things I could do that show I am trying to meet my goals

For goal number 1 (of Fun and Friendship) I think I could achieve this by being more friendly and not just playing Uno or netball at lunch and recess. For goal 2 I think I could achieve this by doing goal one (in fun and friendship) as if I join in new games I will play with more people and I will play with more people

What I want to learn\get better at next year

1. Learn what ratios are and how to use them


August 3

Book Review

Wildwood: Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy has done an outstanding job this book hooked me in straight from the start. In this book Prue life has an unexpected turn of events when a group of Crows take Prue’s brother Mac into to the Impassable Wilderness Prue being brave as journeys into the Impassable Wilderness to find her brother.

I absolutely loved this book I fell in love with is from the start I loved how it was so well put together I think anyone who is a strong reader could read this and they will love it the genre for this book is Fantasy and I think the theme is Friendship

I rate this bookRelated image

Picture of the cover of the book

Image result for wildwood front cover

August 1

Character Profile

Fantastic Beast and where to find them the Original Screen Play by J.K. Rowling

Name: Tina

Personality: Tina is a very persistent woman and she never gives up she works for the MACUSA the Magical Congress of the Untied States of America her job is to make sure that no magic happens and if it does the person who did the magic has to wash the brains of people (No-Maj also know as Mugglegle) who saw it and if the don’t they are under arrest

Why I chose her: I chose her because she is a very important person in this story without her it would make the story very confusing she is also a very smart girl and she knows her laws (Magic Laws) very well

Little sneak peak at the story line: In the story Newt unleashes a Niffler (Magic Creature) and it likes shiny things so Newt ends up chasing the Niffler to the bank where he meets Jacob(A No-Maj AKA a Muggle). What will happen?, Is Jacob safe?. Stay tuned for the full review…..

July 1

Old Man Saltbush Project Reflection

In term 2 we were learning about desert environments to see how much we learnt we were told we had to do a project about an animal/plant that lives in the Australian desert. In this project we had to include a model and much more. For this project I was working with Chiara and we got a plant it was the Old Man Saltbush when we were doing ours we got really creative and started using a new app for the model it was a little challenging but we enjoyed it.

Here are some things that I learnt from the project:

Some cool facts that I learnt:    

  • The old man saltbush has male and female plants the females are the ones that reproduce.
  • The old man saltbush leaves can live for a long time.
  • The old man saltbush is 1 of 250-300 species of saltbush

What I understood

  • The Old man salt bush is a very special plant but one of the reasons why it’s still alive is how it keeps its water the way it keeps its water is because of the salt in the leaves as the salt makes the leaves shrink and that means less surface area so it will less will be in the sun so it keeps more water
  • The Old man salt-bush is a very special plant as it is both male and female It has this so only 1 type of flower reproduce

1 Question

  • Does the old man salt bushes leaves show what their gender is when their young?

What was the most important thing I learnt:

  • The most important skill I learnt was not to over think things lucky Chiara always stopped me from worrying or over thinking to much.

How did I learn it: 

  • I learnt this by having someone to stop me from over thinking after awhile I didn’t need someone to stop me from over thinking.

 How will this help

  • Not over thinking will stop me from panicking to much and not worrying to much it will also help me in ToM as I will be able to clear mind and focus on whats happening now and not in the future


May 24

Aquarium Trip 🌊🌊

Today [24/5/17] we went to the a Aquarium, we saw many so many sea animals including penguins which there adaptions include: soft fur, ability to fly under water and the baby penguins  have the ability from far away to look like rocks because they have lots of brown feathers  so they won’t get attacked by eagles. We also found out that there’s a fish with 1 lung and it can survive floods and droughts that is definitely an adaption.

When we went on the Excursion to Melbourne Aquarium  one of my questions were answered it was what are some cool Adaptations? Here are my answers:

Crocodiles: The crocodile adaption is being able to stay still for 2 hours that’s right I said 2 hours. They can also hold there breath much longer than us they probably adapted to their environment as they know how to hunt there food food [fish.]

Harleyquintion fish: Over time the Harleyquintion fish has developed bright colors and those bright colors help the fish survive as other sea animals think it is poison so they won’t come near it.

Dory: This might sound quite weird but the yellow part at the back of the fish has a spear in it which is poison. They would of died  if they didn’t have it but they adapted to the environment to protect themselves.

Lionfish: The lionfish is one of the most dangerous fish to us I am guessing that the lionfish was anry by us taking its beaches so it learnt how to protect itself from us it looks like this:Image result for lionfish


I really enjoyed this excursion about adaptations.