November 15

Poem on Summer!

The Summer breeze

There’s no time for colds

You shouldn’t even sneeze

Let Summer unravel its folds

With beach and sun

You’ll have so much fun

Because it is not cold like May

You could fun all day


November 14


Poem Parade



Intro poem

Animal poem

Food peom



Welcome to these poems

Take a good glance

Try not to prance

Welcome to these poems



This is a school for cats

Fat cats

The ones who eat mats

This is a school for cats



I am in a mood

To have some food

So I chewed and chewed

My food









November 12

Poem…School day!!

I looked at the teacher

Hoping to die

Because I forgot to do my poem

On the word pie

I thought all my options of I could tell the teacher

Maybe I could lie

Or even better die

Maybe to die is to much

As I have a yummy lunch

I could go to sick bay

and have a big lay

“Wake up Luke” the teacher yelled

but instead I puked

On the teacher

The teacher looked

like a disgusting creature

“Your expelled”the teacher yelled

Yes! I thought



November 9


Our teachers are the best

They beat all the rest

They are kind

And don’t mind

If we are loud

If they were in the sky

They wouldn’t be a cloud

They would be a sun

Who gives out happiness!

So let’s shout Hip hip hooray

For our MPPS teachers

Who work hard everyday



November 9


The shiny light showing little water drops reflected against the feathers

Little webbed feet patted against the dirt

Quacking little sounds of happiness repeated over and over again

Joy rushed through my body as I watched small ducks waddle up to me

Tiny beaks pecked against my shoe 1 by 1

Cute feet,Cute beak,Cute feathers

Could they get any cuter?

Image result for baby ducks

September 20


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A dangerous experience


I looked around I was so high up the bright blue sky and the little white fluffy clouds almost looked like Marshmallows it made me so hungry. My foot slipped. I looked down. I didn’t realise how high I was

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed I was hanging of the edge of a cliff by my hand I was so scared I looked down and saw little trees and lots of people if I could go down their I would and tell the Don’t climb up here. I slipped again. I was hanging by my little pinkie finger I felt like screaming my head off I didn’t know what to do. My pinkie slipped.

September 13


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A traffic accident


I sat on the side of the road I never wanted to see another car in my life, I didn’t even want to drive one. I lost my dad because of a stupid uber driver who apparently was only 5 .I miss my dad just to see him again will be just..just amazing, I don’t even have a mum I guess I will have to live with my step mum it looks like her wart has a wart, she has yucky yellow teeth and her breath stinks of dead rats!


September 12


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The last time I saw him


I stared out at the city I was devastated my Dad had died and to my shock it would be the last time I saw him, his lovely black hair and his thick, itchy beard. I would usually hate when his beard would brush against my face but now that was the only thing I want. If I could just to see my dad once more to see his blackish eyes and his big feet would be life changing.  If I had the options to back in time I would and I would have never been so selfish for a chocolate I left my dad by himself when our house collapsed I wish I was there it would be better to die with my dad, then to have this horrible stabbing pain in my heart.