October 10

100WC My holidays!!

I sat on the little wooden bench and looked up and saw the lovely tress that had grown to make a lovely ark that just protect you. I looked down and a single leaf just floated on to my hand, I looked back up and saw a bunch of leaves just falling down 1 by 1, I smell the sweet sent it smelt of lovely flowers and sweet see lake, I could smell the stench of ducks it made me feel sick and the strong pollen of the plants

“Come on lets go” Grandpa said instantly setting me out of my trance.

September 30


Prompt: Professor  Crocodile  Purple  Twisted  Difficult

“Mwahahahha” Professor Crocodile yelled “My purple Machine is completed, now I will rule the world”

Professor Crocodile stared at his Purple Machine it was the  most difficult thing he had built it had red and green buttons all over it to confuse any one who tries to use it, it also had wires all over to make sure that no one stop the machine

“Professor Crocodile you and your purple Machine are just twisted” A voice said

“Who is it??” Professor Crocodile

“Me” The voice said and with that a figure appeared

“Noooo” Professor Crocodile yelled “It’s you, Professor Angel”

September 12

BTN #14

LINK: Electricity

Summary: Red

Recalls: Green

Questions: Blue

Insights: Orange 

This Video was about Electricity and Electricity conductors and insulators 

  • Steven Gray came up with the theory of conductors and insulators  
  • A Hauksbee machine creates static electricity 
  • To work out the theory he made a structure that was two swings made of wood with slick holding the structure in the air then he placed some gold leaves at the bottom then he generated electricity through the Hauksbee that when through a rod and into the structure which went through the boy and made the gold leaves come up to his hand and also feathers 
  • Electricity can move (Electrons and Protons)
  • In Electricity there are conductors and insulators 
  • Hair and Glass are insulators and Metal is a conductor 
  • Conductors and Insulators are still used today

What would happen is Steven Gray didn’t use silk and instead metal?

How did he come up with the idea?

Electricity is very complicated 

September 11


I stare out at the Forest. The big bushy leaves and the soft splashes of water. I could just smell the fresh air.A tear fell down my cheek, I missed my family I wish I had never burn down the house. I looked down on my left and saw my little sister I felt so sorry for her to wittiness this she was only 5 she should have a family and not just me, a horrible older brother she smiled and asked me in a sweet voice:

“Are you OK?” I just smiled

So, what lies ahead of us?“she questioned me

“I don’t know.”I whispered.

September 8

#BTN 13

LINK: Bollywood Culture

Summary: Red

Recall: Green

Questions: Gold

Insights: Blue

This Video was about what Bollywood dancing 

  • The name Bollywood is based in India’s largest city Mumbai It used to be called Bombay and that’s is were the name comes from; a mixture of Bombay and Hollywood which makes Bollywood
  • Indian Goddesses did Bollywood dancing 
  •  Hollywood movies make more money but less tickets  but Bollywood makes more films and sells a around about billion more tickets every year but makes less money 
  • 1.2 billion people live on India and that is 4 times the amount of people in USA and 55 times the people in Australia 
  • Bollywood dancing is colorful (the clothes)

Are there different types of Bollywood dancing?

Which types of dances make up Bollywood?

Bollywood dancing is fun and colorful

Here is a picture\graph on the second last fact:


September 4


I walked through the meadow I clenched my fist and I stomped heavily I just couldn’t stand my family they always embarrass me an today in front of the whole school I just had it then I stopped and then I saw two holes I was curious were this hole had come from I leaned down and I saw a little letter saying “I will come back”then I saw a picture of a shoe I looked around and no one was there I turned around and saw a white shoe then I heard a voice saying  “I am coming this is not a drill”….


August 28


I started up at the clear sky I got a 3 minute break from working at McDonald’s to see this once in a life time eclipse I was so excited then suddenly it went dark “Yay it’s starting” I yelled but all I got was cold stares just looking at me “Hey I got a day of work for this OK” I grumbled and with that I put on my amazing sunglasses and looked up at the sky the moon went right over the sun and it was so.. dark “Wow this is amazing” I whispered and with that my 3 min break was over.


Image result for eclipse 2017 mcdonaldsMcDonald’s did get a 3 min break


August 21


The soft sun was against my face I stared up at Mount Vesuvius it was a live active volcano I just started at this amazing fire spitting contraption then the ground started shaking

“Hey! why is my butt getting a massage” Olivia yelled

“What do you mean” I questioned

“The volcano erupting!!” Olivia screamed

“And the lava is coming out” I added as the lava came rushing towards us we ran as fast as we could

“I don’t wanna be in a museum” I sobbed as we saw tons of people being froze into statues of ash behind us

“We are going to die!” I yelled


August 17


“Oh my god guys that joke has hilarious” I said laughing my head off

“Yeah Lindsey the leaping Llama told me, she is the best” Sam chuckled

“Yeah! but not better then me? of course” I said suddenly feeling hot

“Of course not your my best friend” Sam said cheerily

“Phew” I whispered

“You thought that  Lindsey the leaping Llama was my best friend didn’t you” Sam said shocked

“No…I didn’t”I stumbled

“Come on say it” Sam said with his voice all cute and squecky

“Fine I did think you were friends with Lindsey the leaping Llama” I said ashamed

“Were best friends and no one can replace you” Sam said sweetly


100WC website

Were this photo came from


August 14

BTN #12

LINK: War Nurses

Summary: Red

Recalls: Blue

Questions: Green

Insights: Gold 

This Video was about how the war nurse went to war to help people this video was talking about Olive.

1.In the time women had no job choice.

2. In that time women couldn’t fight in the war but they wanted to help so the came war nurse.

3.War nurse travel to help there country in the war.

4.Olive went to France (as she travels overseas) in 1916.

5.At home women took over most of men’s jobs.

6.Some jobs that they did were fundraising and making packages for soldiers so they have have more supply.

1.What other women’s were war nurses?

2. Did women just nurse or did boys become nurse as well?

Being a war nurse is a very dangerous job