November 27

100WC Sandwich, Battery, Energetic, White, Hurried

I spent all night working on my energetic force field for assembly. I looked over at my watch to see the time “Oh no” it was 6 minutes till school starts I hurried out the garage, not seeing that I am wearing my PJ’s I ran and ran my battery was starting to come of my project but I saved it, I finally made it to  the Auditorium. I put down my project on the table but along came a dude holding a sandwich with white cheese if that cheese hits my project I will get a F. The cheese slipped. It fell on my project “NOOOOOOOOOO!!” I screamed

November 23

BTN #17

Link: Driver less cars

Summary: Red


Questions : Green

Insights: Blue

This BTN was about how engineers and Scientists are trying to invent driver less cars.

  • It will be along time till we have driver less cars 
  • driver less shuttle buses have already been invented
  • 90 per cent of crashes are caused by drivers

If diver less buses have already been invented why is going to take a long time to have diver less cars?

How long will it take to have diver less cars?

Technology gets more complicated 


November 22


I scare people for a living

Don’t judge me

I sometimes do the unforgiving

I live near a lemon tree

The shocking thing is

that the weren’t always red

I sometimes play with t.n.t

I always kill someone

So……….I run

Near me theirs lots of heads

I don’t know why

Cause I take out the eye

Then the thighs

Then the toes

And then the nose

Then they die

Then my mum makes some eye, toes, noes thigh pie

If you don’t eat your bones

Then your kicked out of our home

So don’t mess with me

Or you can kiss goodbye

To your eyes and thighs


November 17


“Jay I know your are aggressive but you have to hide it emotions” The Teacher told me

but where would we hide it all?” I asked the teacher

“Ummm read this” The teacher said handing me a card with a poem on it, it read

“Sometimes our emotions will get the best of us

Look for a way to clam down like chess

Just remember to strong

But try not to be wrong”

“OK then I will try it” I said lifting my head up ready to tackle this challenge

“Oh goodie, I did my job right!” The teacher exclaimed


November 10


I walked around the isolated city I closed my eyes imagining how busy this abandoned city would of looked before the volcanic eruption no ash nothing just people abruptly my mind started to flicker a saw images of ghost. I opened my eyes to see I was floating but no one was holding me I swayed my legs hoping to fall to the ground, it worked I stumbled onto the ground and scampered away “Help!!!” I shrieked I ran and ran I took a moment to take a breath all of a sudden I was in the air higher then I was before. I was slipping. I fell.



November 1


“Ahhhh work you silly computer, I spent a $100 on you so you could work but you still don’t work” I yelled banging my head in the computer, “I just want to see what is being celebrated today, Google always has a cool game when it is a special occasion”

“Hurry up! you will be late for swimming! you can’t go tomorrow “Mum yelled

Flame was coming out of my eyes, I was so, mad my computer wasn’t working “I am coming” I yelled, my computer screen suddenly turned white “Nooooooooooooooo!” I screamed “Why?” I sobbed

“Are you coming?” Mum yelled impatiently




October 23

100WC …as the door slammed, I knew…

“Mum!! I hate you!” I yelled running up the stairs “You have ruined my life!”

“Deary, I didn’t mean to” Mum softly said

“You did” I yelled back and with that I stomped into my room

“Deary” Mum yelled softly trying to comfort me

“What?” I yelled stomping some more as the door slammed, I knew my emotions were just getting the best of me “Hey Mum I am sorry” I yelled

“It’s OK sometimes your emotions get the best of you” My mum said softly

“Yeah I guess your right” I said and with that I came down the stairs and gave my mum a big hug

October 18


“Max are you okay?” I yelled as I saw him sink into the lake

“Yes I am fine just chilling, WHAT DO YOU THINK!!” Max said sarcastically

“I will call the ambulance!” I yelled and started running back into the Forest

“Okay… be.. back.. soon..” Max bubbled

A few hours later.

“Max I am back!!” I yelled “But I didn’t find an ambulance!” only to see Max was gone all I could see were his old rusty work boots and a little bit of his jeans I couldn’t believe it, I burst into tears knowing that I lost my best friend.

October 17


Link: Volcano 

Summary: Red

Facts: Blue

Questions: Green

Insights: Orange 

This BTN was about how a sleeping volcano can still be dangerous 

  • Mt Sinabung was a sleeping volcano but it still erupted
  • The smell of the ashes smelt like rotten eggs
  • When a volcano doesn’t erupt it is called dormant
  • There is a volcano in Naples called Mt Vesuvius and it is really dangerous
  • It exploded in 79AD
  • When it erupted in 79AD the ash from the volcano hardened around the buildings (making a cocoon) which preserved them for along time and with people the ash harden around the people when they were about to die
  • If you want to find out when volcanoes are likely to erupt you can look at the patterns of when a volcano has erupted and then see the time patterns
  • The biggest explosion by Mt Vesuvius was 2000 years ago!

How many sleeping volcanoes are there?

What volcano is the oldest?

All volcanoes are dangerous 


This photo I edited shows how volcano erupt🌋🌋🌋

October 12


Watch this before you watch the video:Watch me

Link: Mincraft Playground

Summary: Orange 

Recalls: Red


Insight: Blue 

This Video was about how their was a competition on designing a park in minecraft and if you win builders will make it in real life and a school in SA won and they had their park designed

  • Kids designed a park via Minecraft  
  • The park was built out of re-cycled wood
  • Aboriginal design are around the park
  • Their are 4 sections in the park
  • In the design there was a leafy dragon statue but it was to big they couldn’t build it so instead the made a eagle nest that you can climb up and slide down 
  • 3o kids designed it 

How long did take to design the park?

Who came up with the idea?

The kids worked hard to make the park