April 24


Link: Cyclone Debbie



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This video was about how Cyclone Debbie affected North Queensland and the asked some kids to share there experience.

In Queensland tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed, people had to stock up with water and batteries because everyone had to prepare for the worst when Cyclone Debbie came,lots of homes lost their power and had to use generators and the Army came to help clean up the mess Cyclone Debbie created.

How did they name the Cyclone?                                                                                                                                    How much is it going to cost to clean the damage?

Australia has a spirit of community service




March 27


LINK BTN [not BTN it is on youtube]


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This video was about how hard it was to come from Vietnam to Australia, with all the obstacles in the way  in the eyes of an immigrant

It takes 5 days for a person to travel from vietnam to Australia, In the ocean there are pirates who threaten to chuck kids overboard on the trip there are lots of storms, also when people from overseas come to australia people are very welcoming

Why did his parents make a hole in the boat just to go with the germans?                              How did they manage to cross storms?

Crossing the seas back then would have been hard because of pirates etc.



March 20


LINK:  Australia’s Federation [old BTN]


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This video was about how Australia came a nation and how hard it was back then as great britain ruled over Australia. 

In 1642 Adan tasman stumbled into Tasmania if he had stayed we would be speaking dutch. Back then if you wanted to travel from Victoria to Queensland by train you couldn’t as the rails would be a different size. Back when they were deciding to come a nation the countries with less people [TAS QLD WA] thought that the big countries [VIC NSW] [SA NT were added later] would have more power

Did Tasmania straight away come a part of australia?

Why did they add NT and SA?

Victoria and New South Wales thought the were the best as they had the most population

March 9

BTN #3

LINK:National Film and Sound Archive – Not BTN


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This video was about how back in the olden days how people believed that if you were caught life would be better but another  person wanted to set an example so he gave a long enslavement to the guards and one man dies while being punished 

Some people wanted to get caught as the thought they would have more pay. In prison there used to be hospitals. Some people say the Governor was exceeding his\her power by making a long sentence for prisoners 

Why didn’t Cubs say that he was sick?

What did the media do about it?

They help convicts settle in Australia they work on low money when they finish there jail time the get farm land 

March 1

BTN #2

LINK: The encounter 


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This video was about a girl wandering through the forest when she spots a cow but she doesn’t know it’s a cow she thinks it is an alien then she sees some British  people near were she lives so she goes to tell her Nan.

Aboriginals live in camp and they don’t know what a  cow is, back then they called the British, ghost people or boat people as they came on a boat also the believe smoke keeps mosquitoes away.

Why did she put out the fire?                                                                                                                                            What did she think when she looked at the cow?

The British banged the drum to get attention

February 27

BTN #1

LINK: BTN First Fleet 


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This video was about the First Fleet coming to Australia, the first fleet had lots of boats to carry supplies and people. They came to NSW so the prisoners could serve there punishments  

In the 17 hundredths stealing could lead to death England had very strict rules. Some of the boats that went on the the 1st fleet were 1. Alexandra 2. Friendship 3.Charlotte 4.Lady Penbryn 5.Prince Of Wales on most of the boats there were around about 17 kids and lots of other prisoners on the boat trip most of the passengers wouldn’t  not make and around 20 don’t make it.

1.How did the first fleet find it’s way to New South Wales?                                                                                       2. what did they do when the got to New South Wales?

Back in the 1700th life was very though for low earning people because they don’t have the essentials like food and clothing if someone found out that they were stealing they would go to jail.