September 12

BTN #14

LINK: Electricity

Summary: Red

Recalls: Green

Questions: Blue

Insights: Orange 

This Video was about Electricity and Electricity conductors and insulators 

  • Steven Gray came up with the theory of conductors and insulators  
  • A Hauksbee machine creates static electricity 
  • To work out the theory he made a structure that was two swings made of wood with slick holding the structure in the air then he placed some gold leaves at the bottom then he generated electricity through the Hauksbee that when through a rod and into the structure which went through the boy and made the gold leaves come up to his hand and also feathers 
  • Electricity can move (Electrons and Protons)
  • In Electricity there are conductors and insulators 
  • Hair and Glass are insulators and Metal is a conductor 
  • Conductors and Insulators are still used today

What would happen is Steven Gray didn’t use silk and instead metal?

How did he come up with the idea?

Electricity is very complicated 

September 8

#BTN 13

LINK: Bollywood Culture

Summary: Red

Recall: Green

Questions: Gold

Insights: Blue

This Video was about what Bollywood dancing 

  • The name Bollywood is based in India’s largest city Mumbai It used to be called Bombay and that’s is were the name comes from; a mixture of Bombay and Hollywood which makes Bollywood
  • Indian Goddesses did Bollywood dancing 
  •  Hollywood movies make more money but less tickets  but Bollywood makes more films and sells a around about billion more tickets every year but makes less money 
  • 1.2 billion people live on India and that is 4 times the amount of people in USA and 55 times the people in Australia 
  • Bollywood dancing is colorful (the clothes)

Are there different types of Bollywood dancing?

Which types of dances make up Bollywood?

Bollywood dancing is fun and colorful

Here is a picture\graph on the second last fact:


August 14

BTN #12

LINK: War Nurses

Summary: Red

Recalls: Blue

Questions: Green

Insights: Gold 

This Video was about how the war nurse went to war to help people this video was talking about Olive.

1.In the time women had no job choice.

2. In that time women couldn’t fight in the war but they wanted to help so the came war nurse.

3.War nurse travel to help there country in the war.

4.Olive went to France (as she travels overseas) in 1916.

5.At home women took over most of men’s jobs.

6.Some jobs that they did were fundraising and making packages for soldiers so they have have more supply.

1.What other women’s were war nurses?

2. Did women just nurse or did boys become nurse as well?

Being a war nurse is a very dangerous job


July 17

BTN #11

LINK: Earthquakes

Summary: Red

Recalls: Sky blue

Questions: Gold

Insight: Navy Blue

This text was about how Haiti’s earthquake did more damage then the one in Chile even though the one in Chile was stronger [in force]

1.When an earthquake hits it is most likely to cause a tsunami if the state/country is near water

2.In Haiti the earthquake killed 250,000 people

3. The earthquake in Chile was 500 times more powerful then the one Haiti but only killed about 500 people 

4.The earthquake in Chile went for 1 minute

5. When the earthquake in Chile was happening it was so strong it nearly change earths rotation.

6.When earthquakes go off families might get broken up

7.An earthquake is measured on the richter scale

8.Chile is located in the ring of fire [a place where earthquakes are more likely to happen]

9. Even though the one in Chile was earthquake was stronger it came down to money because  for a building to be stable or near stable you need to use money to by steel to re-in-force  the building 

Do earthquakes happen out of the ring of fire?

Which earthquake caused the most destruction?

When an earthquake happens people will be scared as the don’t know if it is a big earthquake or a small one


Picture of ring of fire

May 16

BTN #9

LINK: World happiness report 

LINK 2: These are the scores in Australia I think 

Summary: Red

3 Recalls: Orange

2 Question: Blue

1 Insight: Pink

This video was about how the United states did a world wide happiness test to see which is the happiest country

The scoring for the World wide Happiness test was between 0-10 in the leaderboard Australia was 9th under New Zealand. The happiest place was Norway because the people there live long lives, people trust the government and the government takes care of them. The lowest countries were parts of Africa and Syria because of war and governments that don’t have much money.  

How can Australia become 1st?

How does any government run out of money?

That USA wasn’t as happy as I thought 


May 8

BTN #8

Link: Flag debate BTN

Summary- Red

Recalls- Orange 

Questions- Green

Insight- Blue

This video was about how people were having a debate over should we change our flag  

The features of the australian flag are the Union Jack the southern cross and a star that represents the states and territories of Australia. People say that we should change the flag because it has nothing to do with aboriginals. People started to think about this because when people see the 3 flags [New zealand Australian and British] they straight away see the Union Jack which makes them think that those 2 other flags are british.Related imageBritish Image result for individual flags of the worldAustralian Related imageNew Zealand

If they did change the flag what would it look like?

If someone could change the flag would they keep the colors we have or change them?

 Changing flags dose take a vote [by the parliament] 

May 1


LINK: Bionic Body 


3 Recalls-Dark Green

2 Questions-Orange 

1 Insight-Blue

This video was about how Human body parts can be replaced by Bionic parts and what difference there will be.

Bionic body parts replace other body parts the best thing is Australia came up with the bionic body parts,all together 60% of the human body can be replaced! and now we have 3D printing it’s way easier.

1. This video was taken in 2015 have any new bionic body parts been made since then?

2. Could you replace other animals parts like horses?

Making a bionic part may be hard but it is worth it

I took it a little further and looked up question number 2 but I couldn’t find anything about it but from what I read I thought the answer would be there still working on it


April 24


Link: Cyclone Debbie



2 Questions-orange 

1 Insight-green

This video was about how Cyclone Debbie affected North Queensland and the asked some kids to share there experience.

In Queensland tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed, people had to stock up with water and batteries because everyone had to prepare for the worst when Cyclone Debbie came,lots of homes lost their power and had to use generators and the Army came to help clean up the mess Cyclone Debbie created.

How did they name the Cyclone?                                                                                                                                    How much is it going to cost to clean the damage?

Australia has a spirit of community service




March 27


LINK BTN [not BTN it is on youtube]


 3 Recalls-Orange 

2 Questions-Blue

1 Insight-Green

This video was about how hard it was to come from Vietnam to Australia, with all the obstacles in the way  in the eyes of an immigrant

It takes 5 days for a person to travel from vietnam to Australia, In the ocean there are pirates who threaten to chuck kids overboard on the trip there are lots of storms, also when people from overseas come to australia people are very welcoming

Why did his parents make a hole in the boat just to go with the germans?                              How did they manage to cross storms?

Crossing the seas back then would have been hard because of pirates etc.



March 20


LINK:  Australia’s Federation [old BTN]


3 Recalls-Orange

2 Questions-Blue

1 Insight-Green

This video was about how Australia came a nation and how hard it was back then as great britain ruled over Australia. 

In 1642 Adan tasman stumbled into Tasmania if he had stayed we would be speaking dutch. Back then if you wanted to travel from Victoria to Queensland by train you couldn’t as the rails would be a different size. Back when they were deciding to come a nation the countries with less people [TAS QLD WA] thought that the big countries [VIC NSW] [SA NT were added later] would have more power

Did Tasmania straight away come a part of australia?

Why did they add NT and SA?

Victoria and New South Wales thought the were the best as they had the most population