May 30


My goal was to write a short but suspenseful 100WC

KEY: bold means prompt

‘What’s that?’ I yelled pointing at a weird shape of lighting,

‘I don’t know!’ Olive replied,

In a flash of lighting I saw the most disgusting  thing I had seen in my life it was slimy and icky and the worst thing was it was trudging towards me very slowly it was really hard to be peppered right now but all of a sudden it veered away  from me and to Olive I felt so sorry for her I ran to find a saucepan once I found one I ran back and whacked it on the slimy and icky monster BANG!

May 15


Just a few things before we start:

  • Sorry about the boring start it just is perfect for this kind of story.
  • My goal was to put a morel in this text.

Once upon a time there was a greedy and selfish crocodile and this crocodile loved lovely wide oranges but there was only one place where it grew. The collapsed monkey temple. The monkey that guarded the temple was always angry when the crocodile came in the monkey felt the envy within.

One day the monkey got so angry he thought of taking something that crocodile loved to show him how he felt and the next day that he did. When it had all happened the monkey told the crocodile why he did that then the crocodile learnt how  the monkey felt and they lived happily ever after


May 2


‘Tick Tock’ oh Kate could not stand that noise she was stuck in the lounge room she could not get out until she had done some maths. All that was on Kate’s mind was I wish  something interesting would happen she took a big sigh and fell back onto the couch she looked up, she saw some slime drip through the air vent.

Was it alive? she didn’t know her heart was pounding so fast, her brain spinning 100 miles then all of a sudden she saw a black blur somehow she was unconscious she looked around to see where she was then she saw….

April 26

100WC- Life as an ant is hard

My goal is t0 use more descriptive words\lines [they are pink]

I can’t believe my parents sent me away, well out of the house and it’s pouring rain. On the bright side none of those aliens with two gigantic legs and always letting out this horrible sticky mixture with antennas that go down they also have these things that stick out of there legs that killed the whole ant army. I just noticed thourgh all my ranting I was touching a raindrop it felt like the alien mixture but less sticky everything around me was frozen, well that’s what it felt like all of a sudden I heard an ant yell ‘ALIEN ATTACK,’ I was doomed.



April 19


‘I can’t believe all my friends and family think I have gone INSANE! it’s not my fault I am the only person who can see a ghost,’ yelled Max ‘The worst part is that tomorrow we are going to Castle Drogo and the ghost says that we have to go through a wall which would be insubstantial,but it is not as he said we could get stuck and never return,’

We had finally reached Castle Drogo me and the ghost tiptoed to the wall we had to go through we went through but we got stuck halfway then my body felt numb then it felt as cold as Neptune then something made me think that I had turned into stone.



My goal this time was to think through words I don’t really use and put in some descriptive lines  I think I have achieved my goal [WORDS I DON’T REALLY USE ARE PINK, DESCRIPTIVE LINES ARE BLACK]

March 28

1OOWC …Hard, Beautiful,Brown,Worried,Camera..

‘Mum can I please have a horse,’ whinged Linda

‘Give me 4 reasons why you should have a horse,’ replied Mum

‘Well number 1 would be there absolutely beautiful number 2 would be that they come in my favourite colour brown, number 3  would be nice they look in a photo taken by and actual camera, ” Linda said proudly ‘oh oh,’ Linda whispered   she just remembered she need 4 reasons this was so hard now she was so worried that she wouldn’t get a horse

‘Well you’re missing one reason maybe on your birthday,’ Mum replied

‘YES,’ whispered Linda while in her head she was saying I am getting a horse over and over again.




March 21

100WC..but how can something so tiny …

School again and today we had to write and essay, I was working really hard then Sienna bumped into me it felt like she had placed something on my back. Then suddenly I forgot everything I was going to write when I turned around to see Sienna, something started to control me. I ended up dancing in front of the class, but Sienna was too busy with a remote not laughing, I was so confused was she watching TV? Then my bestie picked something  off my back, it was a microchip! Sienna was controlling me! I didn’t get it something so tiny was this embarrassing, then I yelled ‘SIENA!’.

March 15

100 word challenge …so that is why I am always last…

‘Every single tuckshop day I am always at the end of the line, last year is was when it all started. Because when I was lining up  a big bully pushed in he always used to pick on people so that day I stood up to the bully and yelled ‘STOP PUSHING IN AND HURTING PEOPLE’ then he turned around I could see thousands of eyes staring at me I was really nervous then he picked me by the collar and carried me to the end of the line then from that day  he did the same thing over and over again……so that’s why I am always last.