September 4


I walked through the meadow I clenched my fist and I stomped heavily I just couldn’t stand my family they always embarrass me an today in front of the whole school I just had it then I stopped and then I saw two holes I was curious were this hole had come from I leaned down and I saw a little letter saying “I will come back”then I saw a picture of a shoe I looked around and no one was there I turned around and saw a white shoe then I heard a voice saying  “I am coming this is not a drill”….


August 28


I started up at the clear sky I got a 3 minute break from working at McDonald’s to see this once in a life time eclipse I was so excited then suddenly it went dark “Yay it’s starting” I yelled but all I got was cold stares just looking at me “Hey I got a day of work for this OK” I grumbled and with that I put on my amazing sunglasses and looked up at the sky the moon went right over the sun and it was so.. dark “Wow this is amazing” I whispered and with that my 3 min break was over.


Image result for eclipse 2017 mcdonaldsMcDonald’s did get a 3 min break


August 21


The soft sun was against my face I stared up at Mount Vesuvius it was a live active volcano I just started at this amazing fire spitting contraption then the ground started shaking

“Hey! why is my butt getting a massage” Olivia yelled

“What do you mean” I questioned

“The volcano erupting!!” Olivia screamed

“And the lava is coming out” I added as the lava came rushing towards us we ran as fast as we could

“I don’t wanna be in a museum” I sobbed as we saw tons of people being froze into statues of ash behind us

“We are going to die!” I yelled


August 17


“Oh my god guys that joke has hilarious” I said laughing my head off

“Yeah Lindsey the leaping Llama told me, she is the best” Sam chuckled

“Yeah! but not better then me? of course” I said suddenly feeling hot

“Of course not your my best friend” Sam said cheerily

“Phew” I whispered

“You thought that  Lindsey the leaping Llama was my best friend didn’t you” Sam said shocked

“No…I didn’t”I stumbled

“Come on say it” Sam said with his voice all cute and squecky

“Fine I did think you were friends with Lindsey the leaping Llama” I said ashamed

“Were best friends and no one can replace you” Sam said sweetly


100WC website

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August 7


“Lilly stop playing the violin your so bad which makes it so annoying” Scarlet yelled

“Hey! and I am not playing the violin I just Watered the plants now I am going to sit down on the cushion and for your information I am good at playing the violin” I yelled

Wait so if you weren’t playing the violin who was?” Scarlet said looking around for something like a ghost

“Very funny you are going to try and scare me then you will take a photo of my scared face aren’t you?” I said acting like I knew everything

“NO I AM NOT!!” Scarlet said



July 31


“Huh, what’s that sound” I said looking around for anything that says uoolo

“Nothing! just stop over reacting” Grace said thinking I was a total dork

“AHHHHH!!!” Grace screamed

“Hey Grace stop over reacting” I said mocking what she said

“I am not….”  Grace said not finishing what she was going to say

“Grace…Grace…Grace” my voice keep on shrinking “Grace this isn’t funny”

“Grace is no more” a spooky voice whispered  

“Huh who said that?” I said looking around for anyone

“No-one……” The spooky voice said then I saw a flash I thought it was OK but then the flash made me faint..

July 25


”What’s that horrendous creature” Mrs C said pointing at Lisa’s pet

”Umm would you believe I thought it was bring you pet to school day.” Lisa said sheepishly

”NOOO! now back to the lesson”Mrs C replied when all of a sudden the school bell rang for recess

”YES!!!!” Shouted the kids ‘Freedom!”

”You know it is only for 30 mins!” Mrs C said in a very teasing manner

”Nooo!” groaned the kids and walked out of the classroom in a very sad way

”Heh Heh!” teased Mrs C

”Your the worst teacher ever!” shouted Olivia

”Who said that get back here!” Mrs C said in an anger way

”Heh Heh!”Teased the kids



July 18


I am here live at this stage of  a horrible event every merry-go round horse have come to life and ran away this is the 100th time this has happened  in the world. People are now writing letters to the  government, but what will the government do, are we safe stay tuned for more updates on this tragic story,  back to Chuck Charles in the studio.

Thank you Jenny that’s it for today news we will have more updates through out the night on this tragic story thanks for watching and goodnight from the whole team.

Photo from this tragic event


June 6


Key bold=prompt 

I was so grounded the water just kept on gushing out of the hole I had made from playing cricket

”Tim come inside I made ice cream,” Mum yelled

”Mum I am busy!” I said without a doubt that I am grounded.

”I will bring it to you,” Mum said and I could hear her coming I had to think of something fast I ran for some pebbles I quickly covered up the my horrible mistake. Mum came and she stood in front of the hole with no idea that there is water in there. 5 seconds later the my mum hit the pebble and the water gushed out, it soaked my mum. I was doomed.


May 30


My goal was to write a short but suspenseful 100WC

KEY: bold means prompt

‘What’s that?’ I yelled pointing at a weird shape of lighting,

‘I don’t know!’ Olive replied,

In a flash of lighting I saw the most disgusting  thing I had seen in my life it was slimy and icky and the worst thing was it was trudging towards me very slowly it was really hard to be peppered right now but all of a sudden it veered away  from me and to Olive I felt so sorry for her I ran to find a saucepan once I found one I ran back and whacked it on the slimy and icky monster BANG!