November 9


The shiny light showing little water drops reflected against the feathers

Little webbed feet patted against the dirt

Quacking little sounds of happiness repeated over and over again

Joy rushed through my body as I watched small ducks waddle up to me

Tiny beaks pecked against my shoe 1 by 1

Cute feet,Cute beak,Cute feathers

Could they get any cuter?

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November 1


“Ahhhh work you silly computer, I spent a $100 on you so you could work but you still don’t work” I yelled banging my head in the computer, “I just want to see what is being celebrated today, Google always has a cool game when it is a special occasion”

“Hurry up! you will be late for swimming! you can’t go tomorrow “Mum yelled

Flame was coming out of my eyes, I was so, mad my computer wasn’t working “I am coming” I yelled, my computer screen suddenly turned white “Nooooooooooooooo!” I screamed “Why?” I sobbed

“Are you coming?” Mum yelled impatiently