November 2


I looked up at the sky

Then I saw a pie

In the sky

It looked yummy

It made me tummy

Very hungry

I wanted to eat

But all I have is this disgusting beet

I would rather eat my feet

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Posted November 2, 2017 by harguan2016 in category Just for Fun, Silly poems

6 thoughts on “Poem!

  1. phoebe2014

    Hi harguan
    Good poem! I think the rhyme gave it a real rhythm. And I like how it was kind of random (because who sees pies in skies).
    Good job,

  2. indigo2014

    Hey Harguan,
    I don’t know what your inspiration was but I LOVE it. It’s so random and fun it makes me want to laugh! Good job!
    Keep writing,

  3. estella2016

    Hi Harguan! I really liked how you used humor! It made me laugh! The rhyme was cool and I loved it! It’s very creative! I love reading this poem it makes me feel happy and brighter! Awesome poem!


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