September 30


Prompt: Professor  Crocodile  Purple  Twisted  Difficult

“Mwahahahha” Professor Crocodile yelled “My purple Machine is completed, now I will rule the world”

Professor Crocodile stared at his Purple Machine it was the  most difficult thing he had built it had red and green buttons all over it to confuse any one who tries to use it, it also had wires all over to make sure that no one stop the machine

“Professor Crocodile you and your purple Machine are just twisted” A voice said

“Who is it??” Professor Crocodile

“Me” The voice said and with that a figure appeared

“Noooo” Professor Crocodile yelled “It’s you, Professor Angel”

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2 thoughts on “100WC

  1. Ms. M

    Hi harguan, Thank you for your story. I particularly enjoyed the way you were able to move the story along and introduce dialogue within the challenge limits. Your characters are clear and engaging and your vocabulary sophisticated.
    Well done.
    Ms. M

    (team 100wc)
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Jusden (Team 100)

    Hi Harguan! This is a really great piece of description. I really like how you didn’t actually use a crocodile, but rather used it as the professor’s name. That was really unique. It is almost like there is a super hero/villain vibe to this story, giving it a classic comic book feel. Really great use of punctuation and grammar, especially the speech marks. The cliff hanger esque ending is brilliant as well. Keep up the good work!


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