September 12

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This Video was about Electricity and Electricity conductors and insulators 

  • Steven Gray came up with the theory of conductors and insulators  
  • A Hauksbee machine creates static electricity 
  • To work out the theory he made a structure that was two swings made of wood with slick holding the structure in the air then he placed some gold leaves at the bottom then he generated electricity through the Hauksbee that when through a rod and into the structure which went through the boy and made the gold leaves come up to his hand and also feathers 
  • Electricity can move (Electrons and Protons)
  • In Electricity there are conductors and insulators 
  • Hair and Glass are insulators and Metal is a conductor 
  • Conductors and Insulators are still used today

What would happen is Steven Gray didn’t use silk and instead metal?

How did he come up with the idea?

Electricity is very complicated 

September 12

Message from ME!!

Hello Everyone so as you know I have started to write story on my blog and I am really enjoying and I would love to improve so please…… comment on my blog and give me feedback I would love it

Thx your the best!!!!

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September 12


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The last time I saw him


I stared out at the city I was devastated my Dad had died and to my shock it would be the last time I saw him, his lovely black hair and his thick, itchy beard. I would usually hate when his beard would brush against my face but now that was the only thing I want. If I could just to see my dad once more to see his blackish eyes and his big feet would be life changing.  If I had the options to back in time I would and I would have never been so selfish for a chocolate I left my dad by himself when our house collapsed I wish I was there it would be better to die with my dad, then to have this horrible stabbing pain in my heart.