September 11


I stare out at the Forest. The big bushy leaves and the soft splashes of water. I could just smell the fresh air.A tear fell down my cheek, I missed my family I wish I had never burn down the house. I looked down on my left and saw my little sister I felt so sorry for her to wittiness this she was only 5 she should have a family and not just me, a horrible older brother she smiled and asked me in a sweet voice:

“Are you OK?” I just smiled

So, what lies ahead of us?“she questioned me

“I don’t know.”I whispered.

September 11


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1.My father used to tell me


I stood near the curve of the road. It was raining heavily. Staring out at the distance,a single tear fell onto my face. I was devastated. I had loved my Dad, but just to see him go just like that it was just…just… sad I trembled. No Mum, and to have my dad die of cancer? I don’t know what to do. I was homeless, just standing on the edge of the road. I said to myself  “Remember what dad used to tell me. Stay strong when I am not here stay even stronger.” I burst into tears, just thinking of my dad hurts. I stood on the curve and wondered what would happen to me.