September 8

#BTN 13

LINK: Bollywood Culture

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This Video was about what Bollywood dancing 

  • The name Bollywood is based in India’s largest city Mumbai It used to be called Bombay and that’s is were the name comes from; a mixture of Bombay and Hollywood which makes Bollywood
  • Indian Goddesses did Bollywood dancing 
  •  Hollywood movies make more money but less tickets  but Bollywood makes more films and sells a around about billion more tickets every year but makes less money 
  • 1.2 billion people live on India and that is 4 times the amount of people in USA and 55 times the people in Australia 
  • Bollywood dancing is colorful (the clothes)

Are there different types of Bollywood dancing?

Which types of dances make up Bollywood?

Bollywood dancing is fun and colorful

Here is a picture\graph on the second last fact: