August 3

Book Review

Wildwood: Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy has done an outstanding job this book hooked me in straight from the start. In this book Prue life has an unexpected turn of events when a group of Crows take Prue’s brother Mac into to the Impassable Wilderness Prue being brave as journeys into the Impassable Wilderness to find her brother.

I absolutely loved this book I fell in love with is from the start I loved how it was so well put together I think anyone who is a strong reader could read this and they will love it the genre for this book is Fantasy and I think the theme is Friendship

I rate this bookRelated image

Picture of the cover of the book

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August 3

Principal Day!😎

Our Principals are Rebecca and Matt

They are the best

They beat all the rest

They run Moonee Ponds Primary School

Trust me they ain’t no fools

Now lets shout “YAY!!!!”

For our Principals special day


For Matt’s and Rebecca’s special day