August 1

Character Profile

Fantastic Beast and where to find them the Original Screen Play by J.K. Rowling

Name: Tina

Personality: Tina is a very persistent woman and she never gives up she works for the MACUSA the Magical Congress of the Untied States of America her job is to make sure that no magic happens and if it does the person who did the magic has to wash the brains of people (No-Maj also know as Mugglegle) who saw it and if the don’t they are under arrest

Why I chose her: I chose her because she is a very important person in this story without her it would make the story very confusing she is also a very smart girl and she knows her laws (Magic Laws) very well

Little sneak peak at the story line: In the story Newt unleashes a Niffler (Magic Creature) and it likes shiny things so Newt ends up chasing the Niffler to the bank where he meets Jacob(A No-Maj AKA a Muggle). What will happen?, Is Jacob safe?. Stay tuned for the full review…..

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