August 28


I started up at the clear sky I got a 3 minute break from working at McDonald’s to see this once in a life time eclipse I was so excited then suddenly it went dark “Yay it’s starting” I yelled but all I got was cold stares just looking at me “Hey I got a day of work for this OK” I grumbled and with that I put on my amazing sunglasses and looked up at the sky the moon went right over the sun and it was so.. dark “Wow this is amazing” I whispered and with that my 3 min break was over.


Image result for eclipse 2017 mcdonaldsMcDonald’s did get a 3 min break


August 21


The soft sun was against my face I stared up at Mount Vesuvius it was a live active volcano I just started at this amazing fire spitting contraption then the ground started shaking

“Hey! why is my butt getting a massage” Olivia yelled

“What do you mean” I questioned

“The volcano erupting!!” Olivia screamed

“And the lava is coming out” I added as the lava came rushing towards us we ran as fast as we could

“I don’t wanna be in a museum” I sobbed as we saw tons of people being froze into statues of ash behind us

“We are going to die!” I yelled


August 17


“Oh my god guys that joke has hilarious” I said laughing my head off

“Yeah Lindsey the leaping Llama told me, she is the best” Sam chuckled

“Yeah! but not better then me? of course” I said suddenly feeling hot

“Of course not your my best friend” Sam said cheerily

“Phew” I whispered

“You thought that  Lindsey the leaping Llama was my best friend didn’t you” Sam said shocked

“No…I didn’t”I stumbled

“Come on say it” Sam said with his voice all cute and squecky

“Fine I did think you were friends with Lindsey the leaping Llama” I said ashamed

“Were best friends and no one can replace you” Sam said sweetly


100WC website

Were this photo came from


August 14

BTN #12

LINK: War Nurses

Summary: Red

Recalls: Blue

Questions: Green

Insights: Gold 

This Video was about how the war nurse went to war to help people this video was talking about Olive.

1.In the time women had no job choice.

2. In that time women couldn’t fight in the war but they wanted to help so the came war nurse.

3.War nurse travel to help there country in the war.

4.Olive went to France (as she travels overseas) in 1916.

5.At home women took over most of men’s jobs.

6.Some jobs that they did were fundraising and making packages for soldiers so they have have more supply.

1.What other women’s were war nurses?

2. Did women just nurse or did boys become nurse as well?

Being a war nurse is a very dangerous job


August 7


“Lilly stop playing the violin your so bad which makes it so annoying” Scarlet yelled

“Hey! and I am not playing the violin I just Watered the plants now I am going to sit down on the cushion and for your information I am good at playing the violin” I yelled

Wait so if you weren’t playing the violin who was?” Scarlet said looking around for something like a ghost

“Very funny you are going to try and scare me then you will take a photo of my scared face aren’t you?” I said acting like I knew everything

“NO I AM NOT!!” Scarlet said



August 3

Book Review

Wildwood: Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy has done an outstanding job this book hooked me in straight from the start. In this book Prue life has an unexpected turn of events when a group of Crows take Prue’s brother Mac into to the Impassable Wilderness Prue being brave as journeys into the Impassable Wilderness to find her brother.

I absolutely loved this book I fell in love with is from the start I loved how it was so well put together I think anyone who is a strong reader could read this and they will love it the genre for this book is Fantasy and I think the theme is Friendship

I rate this bookRelated image

Picture of the cover of the book

Image result for wildwood front cover

August 3

Principal Day!😎

Our Principals are Rebecca and Matt

They are the best

They beat all the rest

They run Moonee Ponds Primary School

Trust me they ain’t no fools

Now lets shout “YAY!!!!”

For our Principals special day


For Matt’s and Rebecca’s special day



August 1

Character Profile

Fantastic Beast and where to find them the Original Screen Play by J.K. Rowling

Name: Tina

Personality: Tina is a very persistent woman and she never gives up she works for the MACUSA the Magical Congress of the Untied States of America her job is to make sure that no magic happens and if it does the person who did the magic has to wash the brains of people (No-Maj also know as Mugglegle) who saw it and if the don’t they are under arrest

Why I chose her: I chose her because she is a very important person in this story without her it would make the story very confusing she is also a very smart girl and she knows her laws (Magic Laws) very well

Little sneak peak at the story line: In the story Newt unleashes a Niffler (Magic Creature) and it likes shiny things so Newt ends up chasing the Niffler to the bank where he meets Jacob(A No-Maj AKA a Muggle). What will happen?, Is Jacob safe?. Stay tuned for the full review…..