July 31


“Huh, what’s that sound” I said looking around for anything that says uoolo

“Nothing! just stop over reacting” Grace said thinking I was a total dork

“AHHHHH!!!” Grace screamed

“Hey Grace stop over reacting” I said mocking what she said

“I am not….”  Grace said not finishing what she was going to say

“Grace…Grace…Grace” my voice keep on shrinking “Grace this isn’t funny”

“Grace is no more” a spooky voice whispered  

“Huh who said that?” I said looking around for anyone

“No-one……” The spooky voice said then I saw a flash I thought it was OK but then the flash made me faint..

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1 thoughts on “100WC

  1. brynn2016

    Hi Harguan,
    Your 100 WC this week was good. There was lots of dialoug and not much scene setting but the reader still got the picture. It’s intresting to me how the prompt wasn’t really used to shape your story. Instead it’s a good excuse for a cliff hanger. Good job Harguan!


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