July 25


”What’s that horrendous creature” Mrs C said pointing at Lisa’s pet

”Umm would you believe I thought it was bring you pet to school day.” Lisa said sheepishly

”NOOO! now back to the lesson”Mrs C repliedĀ when all of a sudden the school bell rang for recess

”YES!!!!” Shouted the kids ‘Freedom!”

”You know it is only for 30 mins!” Mrs C said in a very teasing manner

”Nooo!” groaned the kids and walked out of the classroom in a very sad way

”Heh Heh!” teased Mrs C

”Your the worst teacher ever!” shouted Olivia

”Who said that get back here!” Mrs C said in an anger way

”Heh Heh!”Teased the kids



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2 thoughts on “100WC

  1. goldenh5

    Hi Harguan! I really liked your 100 wc. I liked how you really showed how the characters were feeling.
    One thing: make sure to be adding question marks and full stops at the end of sentences! But in all, great work šŸ™‚

  2. antsclass

    Great work Harguan,
    I love the way you use the dialogue to ‘show-not-tell’ the characters’ personalities. I also like the way you describe the way they speak. However, when you repeat a phrase like “in a ……way” several times it sounds a bit repetitive. You can use the adverb form instead by placing a ‘-ly’ on the end of the word- angrily, sadly, even teasingly.
    Give it a try
    Well done,


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