July 18


I am here live at this stage of  a horrible event every merry-go round horse have come to life and ran away this is the 100th time this has happened  in the world. People are now writing letters to the  government, but what will the government do, are we safe stay tuned for more updates on this tragic story,  back to Chuck Charles in the studio.

Thank you Jenny that’s it for today news we will have more updates through out the night on this tragic story thanks for watching and goodnight from the whole team.

Photo from this tragic event


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2 thoughts on “100WC

  1. indigo2014

    I really liked how it was made into a news report. It is very different and you did a really good job!

  2. antsclass

    great work- I loved the clever way you used the phrasing of tv news reporting to make this sound authentic.
    Be careful with punctuation to separate sentences. I like the way you separate the speakers using paragraphing, but in a piece like this, you should probably use talking marks to indicate speech.
    Well done,


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