July 31


“Huh, what’s that sound” I said looking around for anything that says uoolo

“Nothing! just stop over reacting” Grace said thinking I was a total dork

“AHHHHH!!!” Grace screamed

“Hey Grace stop over reacting” I said mocking what she said

“I am not….”  Grace said not finishing what she was going to say

“Grace…Grace…Grace” my voice keep on shrinking “Grace this isn’t funny”

“Grace is no more” a spooky voice whispered  

“Huh who said that?” I said looking around for anyone

“No-one……” The spooky voice said then I saw a flash I thought it was OK but then the flash made me faint..

July 25


”What’s that horrendous creature” Mrs C said pointing at Lisa’s pet

”Umm would you believe I thought it was bring you pet to school day.” Lisa said sheepishly

”NOOO! now back to the lesson”Mrs C replied when all of a sudden the school bell rang for recess

”YES!!!!” Shouted the kids ‘Freedom!”

”You know it is only for 30 mins!” Mrs C said in a very teasing manner

”Nooo!” groaned the kids and walked out of the classroom in a very sad way

”Heh Heh!” teased Mrs C

”Your the worst teacher ever!” shouted Olivia

”Who said that get back here!” Mrs C said in an anger way

”Heh Heh!”Teased the kids



July 18


I am here live at this stage of  a horrible event every merry-go round horse have come to life and ran away this is the 100th time this has happened  in the world. People are now writing letters to the  government, but what will the government do, are we safe stay tuned for more updates on this tragic story,  back to Chuck Charles in the studio.

Thank you Jenny that’s it for today news we will have more updates through out the night on this tragic story thanks for watching and goodnight from the whole team.

Photo from this tragic event


July 17

BTN #11

LINK: Earthquakes

Summary: Red

Recalls: Sky blue

Questions: Gold

Insight: Navy Blue

This text was about how Haiti’s earthquake did more damage then the one in Chile even though the one in Chile was stronger [in force]

1.When an earthquake hits it is most likely to cause a tsunami if the state/country is near water

2.In Haiti the earthquake killed 250,000 people

3. The earthquake in Chile was 500 times more powerful then the one Haiti but only killed about 500 people 

4.The earthquake in Chile went for 1 minute

5. When the earthquake in Chile was happening it was so strong it nearly change earths rotation.

6.When earthquakes go off families might get broken up

7.An earthquake is measured on the richter scale

8.Chile is located in the ring of fire [a place where earthquakes are more likely to happen]

9. Even though the one in Chile was earthquake was stronger it came down to money because  for a building to be stable or near stable you need to use money to by steel to re-in-force  the building 

Do earthquakes happen out of the ring of fire?

Which earthquake caused the most destruction?

When an earthquake happens people will be scared as the don’t know if it is a big earthquake or a small one


Picture of ring of fire

July 7


Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying your holidays I will just be posting 100WC on my blog in the holidays  also if you have any advice just comment on my blog.

Happy holidays everyone!!!!!

July 1

Old Man Saltbush Project Reflection

In term 2 we were learning about desert environments to see how much we learnt we were told we had to do a project about an animal/plant that lives in the Australian desert. In this project we had to include a model and much more. For this project I was working with Chiara and we got a plant it was the Old Man Saltbush when we were doing ours we got really creative and started using a new app for the model it was a little challenging but we enjoyed it.

Here are some things that I learnt from the project:

Some cool facts that I learnt:    

  • The old man saltbush has male and female plants the females are the ones that reproduce.
  • The old man saltbush leaves can live for a long time.
  • The old man saltbush is 1 of 250-300 species of saltbush

What I understood

  • The Old man salt bush is a very special plant but one of the reasons why it’s still alive is how it keeps its water the way it keeps its water is because of the salt in the leaves as the salt makes the leaves shrink and that means less surface area so it will less will be in the sun so it keeps more water
  • The Old man salt-bush is a very special plant as it is both male and female It has this so only 1 type of flower reproduce

1 Question

  • Does the old man salt bushes leaves show what their gender is when their young?

What was the most important thing I learnt:

  • The most important skill I learnt was not to over think things lucky Chiara always stopped me from worrying or over thinking to much.

How did I learn it: 

  • I learnt this by having someone to stop me from over thinking after awhile I didn’t need someone to stop me from over thinking.

 How will this help

  • Not over thinking will stop me from panicking to much and not worrying to much it will also help me in ToM as I will be able to clear mind and focus on whats happening now and not in the future