May 22


My goal was to write a poem that had a protest

One sunny day

I went to Mcdonald’s to play

Then I saw it

The chips and beef burger kit

I looked at it

It  looked nice

Better than rice

I think

I would buy it now

But it will hurt the cow

Ok I will not buy it

But what if I throw a fit

You know what

I’m leaving mcdonalds

As they kill cows,pigs and chickens

Even Charles Dickens would agree

I bet he would flee!

So hear me now

And stop eating chickens,pigs and cows!

But if you do not

There will not be a lot

of milk and eggs.




fast supper Gloucester cathedral


May 18

The Shark Caller- Character profile

Name: Kuka-Carb AKA Izzy\Isabelle.

Personality: Isabelle is a independent girl who is sad over her brother’s loss she loves the ocean.

Why I like her: I like her as she keeps  powering on even though she has lost her brother. I also like her because she likes to read and is very independent also for her love of nature.

Little sneak peek at the storyline: Izzy is a girl who has recently lost her brother but she still keeps hearing voices that sound like her brother it says ‘The ocean needs you” her brother will explain everything. Full review coming soon.


May 16

BTN #9

LINK: World happiness report 

LINK 2: These are the scores in Australia I think 

Summary: Red

3 Recalls: Orange

2 Question: Blue

1 Insight: Pink

This video was about how the United states did a world wide happiness test to see which is the happiest country

The scoring for the World wide Happiness test was between 0-10 in the leaderboard Australia was 9th under New Zealand. The happiest place was Norway because the people there live long lives, people trust the government and the government takes care of them. The lowest countries were parts of Africa and Syria because of war and governments that don’t have much money.  

How can Australia become 1st?

How does any government run out of money?

That USA wasn’t as happy as I thought 


May 15


Just a few things before we start:

  • Sorry about the boring start it just is perfect for this kind of story.
  • My goal was to put a morel in this text.

Once upon a time there was a greedy and selfish crocodile and this crocodile loved lovely wide oranges but there was only one place where it grew. The collapsed monkey temple. The monkey that guarded the temple was always angry when the crocodile came in the monkey felt the envy within.

One day the monkey got so angry he thought of taking something that crocodile loved to show him how he felt and the next day that he did. When it had all happened the monkey told the crocodile why he did that then the crocodile learnt how  the monkey felt and they lived happily ever after


May 10

100WC …I just couldn’t eat something so…

It sat right there infront of me a cake, a delicious cake, but I couldn’t eat anything this is what get for destroying my sisters favourite toy no food. Well I guess lemonde won’t hurt it’s a drink not a food and with that I quickly gulp down some lemonade. Then I started eating the crumbs on the cake it was delouis my tastebuds were in heaven suddenly I heard a familiar voice yell ‘NO FOOD!!!’ I quickly sprinted on the soft ground I didn’t dare to look back ‘OH OH’ I felt something on my shoulder it was mum.

Not part of 100WC

My goal for this 100WC was to include a phrase the phrase should be in pink [ if this  is  not a phrase or a simple sentence I apologize]

May 8

BTN #8

Link: Flag debate BTN

Summary- Red

Recalls- Orange 

Questions- Green

Insight- Blue

This video was about how people were having a debate over should we change our flag  

The features of the australian flag are the Union Jack the southern cross and a star that represents the states and territories of Australia. People say that we should change the flag because it has nothing to do with aboriginals. People started to think about this because when people see the 3 flags [New zealand Australian and British] they straight away see the Union Jack which makes them think that those 2 other flags are british.Related imageBritish Image result for individual flags of the worldAustralian Related imageNew Zealand

If they did change the flag what would it look like?

If someone could change the flag would they keep the colors we have or change them?

 Changing flags dose take a vote [by the parliament] 

May 2


‘Tick Tock’ oh Kate could not stand that noise she was stuck in the lounge room she could not get out until she had done some maths. All that was on Kate’s mind was I wish  something interesting would happen she took a big sigh and fell back onto the couch she looked up, she saw some slime drip through the air vent.

Was it alive? she didn’t know her heart was pounding so fast, her brain spinning 100 miles then all of a sudden she saw a black blur somehow she was unconscious she looked around to see where she was then she saw….

May 1


LINK: Bionic Body 


3 Recalls-Dark Green

2 Questions-Orange 

1 Insight-Blue

This video was about how Human body parts can be replaced by Bionic parts and what difference there will be.

Bionic body parts replace other body parts the best thing is Australia came up with the bionic body parts,all together 60% of the human body can be replaced! and now we have 3D printing it’s way easier.

1. This video was taken in 2015 have any new bionic body parts been made since then?

2. Could you replace other animals parts like horses?

Making a bionic part may be hard but it is worth it

I took it a little further and looked up question number 2 but I couldn’t find anything about it but from what I read I thought the answer would be there still working on it