May 24

The Spooks Apprentice

The Spooks Apprentice by Joseph Delaney pages 30-75

This book reminds me of Harry Potter as there are witches and magic in it also has stuff about the ”chosen 1.” It also reminds me of Deltora Quest as there is someone set off to do something they where made for.

The part I read today was about Tom going to this mysterious place in a village which sounds like there is magic there.

This book is really interesting to find out more about this book keep an eye out on my blog.

May 24

Aquarium Trip 🌊🌊

Today [24/5/17] we went to the a Aquarium, we saw many so many sea animals including penguins which there adaptions include: soft fur, ability to fly under water and the baby penguins  have the ability from far away to look like rocks because they have lots of brown feathers  so they won’t get attacked by eagles. We also found out that there’s a fish with 1 lung and it can survive floods and droughts that is definitely an adaption.

When we went on the Excursion to Melbourne Aquarium  one of my questions were answered it was what are some cool Adaptations? Here are my answers:

Crocodiles: The crocodile adaption is being able to stay still for 2 hours that’s right I said 2 hours. They can also hold there breath much longer than us they probably adapted to their environment as they know how to hunt there food food [fish.]

Harleyquintion fish: Over time the Harleyquintion fish has developed bright colors and those bright colors help the fish survive as other sea animals think it is poison so they won’t come near it.

Dory: This might sound quite weird but the yellow part at the back of the fish has a spear in it which is poison. They would of died  if they didn’t have it but they adapted to the environment to protect themselves.

Lionfish: The lionfish is one of the most dangerous fish to us I am guessing that the lionfish was anry by us taking its beaches so it learnt how to protect itself from us it looks like this:Image result for lionfish


I really enjoyed this excursion about adaptations.