May 23

BTN #10

LINK: Racism

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This video was about how Malcolm Turnbull wanted to change the Racial Discrimination [section 18C]

1.Racism is a big problem in the world.

2.Racism is where someone is mean about someone else’s race or skin color . 

3.Because of Racism aboriginals weren’t counted as citizens until 1960.

4.In 1960 there was a white Australian policy which stopped Asians and many other countries to come to Australia.

5.In 1960 the Aboriginals had a protest to stop being treated badly. 

 6.In 1995 a new part was added to the Racial Discrimination  it was section 18C  It made it illegal to offend, insult or humiliate someone because of their race. 

7.Right now it is illegal to treat someone bad because of their race.

8.This year Malcolm Turnbull wants to scratch the words offend, insult and humiliate and replace them with the word harass. But many don’t agree as it might make people think it is ok to be hurt someone because of  their  race.

Why did Malcolm Turnbull want to change 18C in the first place?

What would be the penalty for being racist? 

Racism affects lots of kids and many don’t know what to do about it.

May 23


I made this graph from this Data

VIC 10
WA 4
NT 1
SA o

I used a pie chart because it is more accurate as if I did a column graph it would be harder to show the  zero.

In this graph I can tell that most kids likes VIC.

While none liked SA and ACT.


May 23

GDP per capita 2010

This graph shows the average amount of money people get one thing I would like to know is which country gets the most money and the least I found out Australia earns less the Canada and Korea Gets the least.

This is the Data I used

USA 25256
Holland 25256
Canda 25256
Australia 25256
Belgium 25256
Germany 25256
Tiawan 25256
UK 25256
Japan 25256
France 25256
Spain 25256
Italy 25256
Greece 25256