May 22

Book Reviews

The Shark Caller by Dianne Wolfer 

This book was about how Isabel went to an island in Papua New Guinea to take her brother’s ashes but her cousin Noah tells her she is the chosen one. She needs to dive where her brother died .Will she take the dive?

I thought this book would be suitable of a year 3 and confident year 2’s.It’s a fantasy and adventure genre .This book is a little confusing as it has different language words [with definition at the back] but other then that I would give this book  Image result for 2.5 stars review  image



May 22


My goal was to write a poem that had a protest

One sunny day

I went to Mcdonald’s to play

Then I saw it

The chips and beef burger kit

I looked at it

It  looked nice

Better than rice

I think

I would buy it now

But it will hurt the cow

Ok I will not buy it

But what if I throw a fit

You know what

I’m leaving mcdonalds

As they kill cows,pigs and chickens

Even Charles Dickens would agree

I bet he would flee!

So hear me now

And stop eating chickens,pigs and cows!

But if you do not

There will not be a lot

of milk and eggs.




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