May 30


My goal was to write a short but suspenseful 100WC

KEY: bold means prompt

‘What’s that?’ I yelled pointing at a weird shape of lighting,

‘I don’t know!’ Olive replied,

In a flash of lighting I saw the most disgusting  thing I had seen in my life it was slimy and icky and the worst thing was it was trudging towards me very slowly it was really hard to be peppered right now but all of a sudden it veered away  from me and to Olive I felt so sorry for her I ran to find a saucepan once I found one I ran back and whacked it on the slimy and icky monster BANG!

May 30

The Spook’s Apprentice Chracter Profile

Name: Alice

Personality: Alice is a relative to Mother Malkin [the villain] Tom can’t tell if she is evil or good as she helped him but she does have pointy shoes and that means she is evil or is she?

Why I like her: I like her as she is mysterious and you never know what she is going to do and while reading  you get a ton of questions like; is she a witch?

Little sneak peak at the story line: Tom is the 7th child of 7 kids and that means he has lots of talents which gives him advantage as a spook’s apprentice as a spook’s apprentice he is supposed to kill witches and burry them so they can’t escape but can he kill them or will he die? and will he survive as a spook’s apprentice?. Full review coming soon.


May 28

Usborne: First Illustrated Science Dictionary

Usborne: First Illustrated Science Dictionary by Sarah Khan

This book is about Science and in this book it is dived into 6 parts:

Living Things



Light, Sound and Electricity


Scientific Investigations

My favourite part  in this book was the part on Meteoroids, Comets and Asteroids which is in the Space section liked it because it had lots of facts that I didn’t really know; like between Mars and Jupiter there are Asteroids it is called the Asteroids Belt and that Asteroids are big lumps of rock or metal that travel through space and Asteroids are too big to be Meteoroids  but to small to be a Planet.

This book is a book I would recommend to year 3 and 4’s also some very confident year 2’s for an introduction to Science.

May 26

#Animal Adaptations Prediction

For our Topic assignment me and Chiara are doing the old man saltbush and I predict:

The Old Man Saltbush adaptations are the ability to protect itself from predators with it’s spikes it also is really tall so it’s not many animals can jump that high one more adaptation is the salt because I think animals don’t like salt.

May 24

The Spooks Apprentice

The Spooks Apprentice by Joseph Delaney pages 30-75

This book reminds me of Harry Potter as there are witches and magic in it also has stuff about the ”chosen 1.” It also reminds me of Deltora Quest as there is someone set off to do something they where made for.

The part I read today was about Tom going to this mysterious place in a village which sounds like there is magic there.

This book is really interesting to find out more about this book keep an eye out on my blog.

May 24

Aquarium Trip 🌊🌊

Today [24/5/17] we went to the a Aquarium, we saw many so many sea animals including penguins which there adaptions include: soft fur, ability to fly under water and the baby penguins  have the ability from far away to look like rocks because they have lots of brown feathers  so they won’t get attacked by eagles. We also found out that there’s a fish with 1 lung and it can survive floods and droughts that is definitely an adaption.

When we went on the Excursion to Melbourne Aquarium  one of my questions were answered it was what are some cool Adaptations? Here are my answers:

Crocodiles: The crocodile adaption is being able to stay still for 2 hours that’s right I said 2 hours. They can also hold there breath much longer than us they probably adapted to their environment as they know how to hunt there food food [fish.]

Harleyquintion fish: Over time the Harleyquintion fish has developed bright colors and those bright colors help the fish survive as other sea animals think it is poison so they won’t come near it.

Dory: This might sound quite weird but the yellow part at the back of the fish has a spear in it which is poison. They would of died  if they didn’t have it but they adapted to the environment to protect themselves.

Lionfish: The lionfish is one of the most dangerous fish to us I am guessing that the lionfish was anry by us taking its beaches so it learnt how to protect itself from us it looks like this:Image result for lionfish


I really enjoyed this excursion about adaptations.

May 23

BTN #10

LINK: Racism

Summary: Purple

Recalls: Hot pink

Questions: Dark Green

Insight: Blue

This video was about how Malcolm Turnbull wanted to change the Racial Discrimination [section 18C]

1.Racism is a big problem in the world.

2.Racism is where someone is mean about someone else’s race or skin color . 

3.Because of Racism aboriginals weren’t counted as citizens until 1960.

4.In 1960 there was a white Australian policy which stopped Asians and many other countries to come to Australia.

5.In 1960 the Aboriginals had a protest to stop being treated badly. 

 6.In 1995 a new part was added to the Racial Discrimination  it was section 18C  It made it illegal to offend, insult or humiliate someone because of their race. 

7.Right now it is illegal to treat someone bad because of their race.

8.This year Malcolm Turnbull wants to scratch the words offend, insult and humiliate and replace them with the word harass. But many don’t agree as it might make people think it is ok to be hurt someone because of  their  race.

Why did Malcolm Turnbull want to change 18C in the first place?

What would be the penalty for being racist? 

Racism affects lots of kids and many don’t know what to do about it.

May 23


I made this graph from this Data

VIC 10
WA 4
NT 1
SA o

I used a pie chart because it is more accurate as if I did a column graph it would be harder to show the  zero.

In this graph I can tell that most kids likes VIC.

While none liked SA and ACT.


May 23

GDP per capita 2010

This graph shows the average amount of money people get one thing I would like to know is which country gets the most money and the least I found out Australia earns less the Canada and Korea Gets the least.

This is the Data I used

USA 25256
Holland 25256
Canda 25256
Australia 25256
Belgium 25256
Germany 25256
Tiawan 25256
UK 25256
Japan 25256
France 25256
Spain 25256
Italy 25256
Greece 25256
May 22

Book Reviews

The Shark Caller by Dianne Wolfer 

This book was about how Isabel went to an island in Papua New Guinea to take her brother’s ashes but her cousin Noah tells her she is the chosen one. She needs to dive where her brother died .Will she take the dive?

I thought this book would be suitable of a year 3 and confident year 2’s.It’s a fantasy and adventure genre .This book is a little confusing as it has different language words [with definition at the back] but other then that I would give this book  Image result for 2.5 stars review  image