April 19


‘I can’t believe all my friends and family think I have gone INSANE! it’s not my fault I am the only person who can see a ghost,’ yelled Max ‘The worst part is that tomorrow we are going to Castle Drogo and the ghost says that we have to go through a wall which would be insubstantial,but it is not as he said we could get stuck and never return,’

We had finally reached Castle Drogo me and the ghost tiptoed to the wall we had to go through we went through but we got stuck halfway then my body felt numb then it felt as cold as Neptune then something made me think that I had turned into stone.



My goal this time was to think through words I don’t really use and put in some descriptive lines  I think I have achieved my goal [WORDS I DON’T REALLY USE ARE PINK, DESCRIPTIVE LINES ARE BLACK]