April 26

100WC- Life as an ant is hard

My goal is t0 use more descriptive words\lines [they are pink]

I can’t believe my parents sent me away, well out of the house and it’s pouring rain. On the bright side none of those aliens with two gigantic legs and always letting out this horrible sticky mixture with antennas that go down they also have these things that stick out of there legs that killed the whole ant army. I just noticed thourgh all my ranting I was touching a raindrop it felt like the alien mixture but less sticky everything around me was frozen, well that’s what it felt like all of a sudden I heard an ant yell ‘ALIEN ATTACK,’ I was doomed.



April 24


Link: Cyclone Debbie



2 Questions-orange 

1 Insight-green

This video was about how Cyclone Debbie affected North Queensland and the asked some kids to share there experience.

In Queensland tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed, people had to stock up with water and batteries because everyone had to prepare for the worst when Cyclone Debbie came,lots of homes lost their power and had to use generators and the Army came to help clean up the mess Cyclone Debbie created.

How did they name the Cyclone?                                                                                                                                    How much is it going to cost to clean the damage?

Australia has a spirit of community service




April 19


‘I can’t believe all my friends and family think I have gone INSANE! it’s not my fault I am the only person who can see a ghost,’ yelled Max ‘The worst part is that tomorrow we are going to Castle Drogo and the ghost says that we have to go through a wall which would be insubstantial,but it is not as he said we could get stuck and never return,’

We had finally reached Castle Drogo me and the ghost tiptoed to the wall we had to go through we went through but we got stuck halfway then my body felt numb then it felt as cold as Neptune then something made me think that I had turned into stone.



My goal this time was to think through words I don’t really use and put in some descriptive lines  I think I have achieved my goal [WORDS I DON’T REALLY USE ARE PINK, DESCRIPTIVE LINES ARE BLACK]