March 21

100WC..but how can something so tiny …

School again and today we had to write and essay, I was working really hard then Sienna bumped into me it felt like she had placed something on my back. Then suddenly I forgot everything I was going to write when I turned around to see Sienna, something started to control me. I ended up dancing in front of the class, but Sienna was too busy with a remote not laughing, I was so confused was she watching TV? Then my bestie picked something  off my back, it was a microchip! Sienna was controlling me! I didn’t get it something so tiny was this embarrassing, then I yelled ‘SIENA!’.

Posted March 21, 2017 by harguan2016 in category 100WC

1 thoughts on “100WC..but how can something so tiny …

  1. estella2016

    You had a really good idea about the microchip thing. I would be confused when that girl, Siena, was holding a remote control… I was confused just reading! But near the end of the piece… I didn’t see many full stops, just saying! Other then that, AMAZING!!!


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