March 15

100 word challenge …so that is why I am always last…

‘Every single tuckshop day I am always at the end of the line, last year is was when it all started. Because when I was lining up  a big bully pushed in he always used to pick on people so that day I stood up to the bully and yelled ‘STOP PUSHING IN AND HURTING PEOPLE’ then he turned around I could see thousands of eyes staring at me I was really nervous then he picked me by the collar and carried me to the end of the line then from that day  he did the same thing over and over again……so that’s why I am always last.

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5 thoughts on “100 word challenge …so that is why I am always last…

  1. antsclass

    Harguan, this is a great piece. I love the way you chose an interesting and original way to write about this prompt. You organised your ideas in an interesting way too, choosing not to have a happy ending. Your character is brave and tries to do the right thing, but the bully seems to succeed in creating a terrible situation. I love the way you choose descriptive details to bring this fear and embarrassment to life- the phrase ‘thousands of eyes staring at me’describes this moment perfectly.
    Well done!

  2. phoebe2014

    Hi Harguan
    I really like this. I like how you said there were a thousand eyes staring at you because, really, there probably weren’t, but it probably felt like that for the character. I also love how your character never stops trying.

  3. Ethan Haigh

    Hi Harguan,
    I thought that this was a fantastic piece of writing I really liked the way you used the prompt I thought it was different and amazing

  4. indigo2014

    Hi Harguan!
    The piece was really good because you used the phrase “thousands of eyes staring at me” it really describes what the character was feeling. You really put those emotions into your piece! Good job and keep writing!


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