March 9

BTN #3

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This video was about how back in the olden days how people believed that if you were caught life would be better but another  person wanted to set an example so he gave a long enslavement to the guards and one man dies while being punished 

Some people wanted to get caught as the thought they would have more pay. In prison there used to be hospitals. Some people say the Governor was exceeding his\her power by making a long sentence for prisoners 

Why didn’t Cubs say that he was sick?

What did the media do about it?

They help convicts settle in Australia they work on low money when they finish there jail time the get farm land 

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1 thoughts on “BTN #3

  1. antsclass

    Well done Harguan. I can tell this video gave you a lot to think about. I like the way you rewrite the information you have heard into your own words. Your insight showed you understood the overall information in the video. Next time see if you can use the information in the video to connect to something you already knew and work out something that wasn’t said directly, but you were able to work out for yourself.
    It was also interesting the way you wondered what the media did about it. Today the media can have a great power to affect things, but there was not so much media back then (basically only newspapers) so they didn’t have as much power as they do today….but it would be very interesting to see what the papers of the day had to say about this.
    Well done,


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