March 1

Camp Reflection ๐ŸŒˆ


Last week the 5/6โ€™s went to Camp Bridgewater

The bus trip was long

My stomach felt so wrong

We did some abseiling

I kept on failing.

It was still fun

I finished and it felt like I won

We saw a lot of seals

They were having their meals

We had some fun on the beach

When we were caving we saw leach

We did some archery with an arrow and bow

I kept on shooting low

We also had some great food

That set a great mood

We did some hiking

I was liking

We also did some snorkelling, surfing, geocaching and sand boarding

I was pushed out of my comfort zone

How far I had gone

This was my favourite camp so far

When it was over I felt sad

When we got home I was glad

To see my mum

And tell her what I had done

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2 thoughts on “Camp Reflection ๐ŸŒˆ

  1. Lilly

    hi Harguan
    I really liked the way you made the poem rhym. I really like poems that rhym. something that you could do to work on is finding more rhyming words because I thought you started to repeat yourself. I also liked the way you made the poems lines like a patterns.

  2. chiara2014

    Hi Harguan,
    I liked how you set out your reflection as a poem, it was really good. Something you could work on would be to continue the great rhyming near the end where it said “We also did some snorkelling, surfing, geocaching and sand boarding”. Other than that it was really good.


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