February 27

BTN #1

LINK: BTN First Fleet 


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This video was about the First Fleet coming to Australia, the first fleet had lots of boats to carry supplies and people. They came to NSW so the prisoners could serve there punishments  

In the 17 hundredths stealing could lead to death England had very strict rules. Some of the boats that went on the the 1st fleet were 1. Alexandra 2. Friendship 3.Charlotte 4.Lady Penbryn 5.Prince Of Wales on most of the boats there were around about 17 kids and lots of other prisoners on the boat trip most of the passengers wouldn’t  not make and around 20 don’t make it.

1.How did the first fleet find it’s way to New South Wales?                                                                                       2. what did they do when the got to New South Wales?

Back in the 1700th life was very though for low earning people because they don’t have the essentials like food and clothing if someone found out that they were stealing they would go to jail.