May 23

100 word challnge!!!

My goals are:

  1. I will learn how to write really really good stories, so they won’t be a wussbag.
  2. To be able pick just right books so I won’t be reading complex books.
  3. I also want to be better at coral reading so I won’t be left behind.
  4. I also want to be better at hard division so when I am in high school I can solve complex sums like two hundred and fifty-five divided by fifteen equals?

These will be my goals, I would like to learn these things throughout the year .


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1 thoughts on “100 word challnge!!!

  1. Clare Walker (Aaliyah's Mum)

    Hi Harguan! Lovely to meet you after school today – I am enjoying reading everyone’s blog posts, you are all doing such an amazing job. Good luck with your reading and maths, David is a great teacher so I am sure he will be able to help you improve.


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