May 29

athletice day!!



I am very excited for the athletics day it is the first time I’m doing it in MPPS. I get to see how they arrange it and what odder they do it in. will the preps go first? or do we come later?

I am wondering how we get the ribbon do they give it to us at the end or after the race?

Will we be sitting in our house colours or will we be sitting with our friends? Or  by ourselves?

The events I have are:

Long jump.

100m sprint.

70m shadow relay..

100m circle relay .

May 23

100 word challnge!!!

My goals are:

  1. I will learn how to write really really good stories, so they won’t be a wussbag.
  2. To be able pick just right books so I won’t be reading complex books.
  3. I also want to be better at coral reading so I won’t be left behind.
  4. I also want to be better at hard division so when I am in high school I can solve complex sums like two hundred and fifty-five divided by fifteen equals?

These will be my goals, I would like to learn these things throughout the year .


May 9

Hello world!

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